[109] Malaysian Airlines flight disappeared


Malaysian Airlines flight disappeared: Reports have been coming in over the weekend that a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft lost all contact with air traffic controllers and was feared lost in the seas between Malaysia and Vietnam. The flight departed from Kuala Lumpur and was bound for Beijing. Military aircraft reported finding a double oil slick in the ocean that may have come from the aircraft’s two engines as it crashed. The pilots did not send any distress signal or give any sign of trouble before the flight disappeared from radar. The Boeing 777 design has only been involved in two other crashes since the model’s release in 1995.


sticking his nose into everything

Russell: I tried to get our friends to go waterskiing this weekend, but Colin said that we should all go to the new hamburger restaurant instead.

Amy: That’s something that I don’t like about Colin. He’s always sticking his nose into everything and telling people what to do. He should just relax and go along with your sports plan.

Explanation: A person who is always “sticking his nose into everything” is a person who is always getting involved in someone else’s plans and activities. It means the person is saying too much and giving too much advice.


inconclusive evidence

Martin: I’ve heard that certain kinds of fruits can help reduce blood pressure and clear toxins from the body. Is that true?

Dr. Delon: Some simple studies have been done by health food companies, but I wouldn’t rely on their inconclusive evidence.

Explanation: The phrase “inconclusive evidence” means that the scientific studies did not yield very clear results. It means that the speaker has doubts about the results of the study.


trimming the budget

Dear Lindsay:

We have to cancel the proposal that you made last month. Management is trimming the budget for the coming year, so they don’t want to start any new projects.

Explanation: The term “trimming the budget” is like trimming hair at the hair salon. It means that the amount of money is being slightly reduced. If it is a big reduction, we could say the budget is being “cut” or even “slashed.”