[248] Tokyo, Jakarta, Manila are sinking

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Tokyo, Jakarta, Manila are sinking

Coastal cities such as Jakarta are sinking at alarming rates, and researchers fear Jakarta will have to relocate more than one million residents by the year 2050. Located on the island of Java, Jakarta has 13 rivers and is extremely vulnerable to water damage. The rivers are washing away soil, and global heating is causing rising sea levels. In the next ten years, Jakarta could sink between 10 to 150cm, with some districts sinking as much as 250cm. Indonesian officials have recently proposed making a new capital on the island of Borneo.

Other cities that are sinking are: Manila, Philippines (10cm per year); Tokyo, Japan (10cm per year); New Orleans, U.S.A. (5cm per year); Bangkok, Thailand (2cm per year); and Venice, Italy (1cm per year).

sinking:  沈降
vulnerable:  受けやすい

Health and Tech News

Wasp venom tested as a cure for cancer  Researchers have focused on a South American wasp whose venom may be able to kill cancerous cells, while leaving healthy cells intact.

This Week’s Natural Phrase

That’s a red flag

Abigail: Did you notice that Hidetoshi-san didn’t come to work yesterday? His friends said that he doesn’t answer the phone or come to their weekend sports games.

Lindsey:  Oh no, that’s a red flag. His behavior could be a sign of depression or even suicide. We should check on him as soon as possible.

The phrase “red flag” is a strong sign that something is wrong, just as a red flag in a sports game can mean a serious foul. Some people also use the phrase “yellow flag.”

This Week’s Medical Phrase

carpal tunnel syndrome

Greg: I’m a professional jazz musician, and I play the piano constantly. Lately my fingers and wrists have started to hurt.

Dr. Ford:  The pain that you are experiencing could be a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome. You should take a break from playing for a few days, and I’ll prescribe some medicine to bring down the inflammation in your hands.

Explanation:  The term “carpal tunnel syndrome ” is a condition that is common in musicians, factory workers, and people who use a keyboard for long hours.

Carpal tunnel syndrome: 手根管症候群