[251] JAL’s inflight announcements in English will be gender-free

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JAL’s inflight announcements in English will be gender-free

Japan Airlines has announced that it will phase out the traditional salutation of “Ladies and Gentlemen” and will instead start using phrases such as “Attention all passengers…”

In Japanese, many airlines use the term “Mina sama” (皆様) which is already gender free. The new policy is part of ANA’s drive to be LGBTQ friendly and avoid identifying passengers in terms of their gender.

Other airlines have also followed suit.

Phase out: To slowly replace one thing with another thing. 段階的廃止.
LGBTQ: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer.
Gender free: Not separating people by men and women. Not referring to people by their gender.
Follow suit: To follow a previous example made by someone else. 先例に従う.

This Week’s Natural Phrase

stop horsing around

Frank: Are you ready to study for the entrance exam? I reserved a room in the university library so we can concentrate on our books.

Brooke:  Yeah, we can go after a while. I want to dress up like a cosplay character and take a selfie on the roof of the building, and then write a funny comment, and then post it on my social media, and then…

Frank: Hey, would you stop horsing around? The exam is tomorrow! We need to concentrate on the test preparation.

The phrase “horsing around” means to play carelessly, or to waste time making jokes instead of concentrating on a job. It is like horses running and playing in a field.

Horsing around: 馬鹿騒ぎ

This Week’s Medical Phrase

overcome/overcame an addiction

Brandon: What happened to that singer? He cancelled his tour, and he looks awful in his recent photos.

Edward: He’s in a rehab clinic. He overcame an addiction last year, but now he’s had a relapse.

Brandon: Well, I hope he makes it through rehab and gets back on track. He should make a comeback with his music career.

Explanation: The term “overcome an addiction” means that a person struggled to get rid of a substance addiction or a behavioral addiction.


overcome (verb): 克服する
(drug) addiction: 麻薬中毒
relapse (noun/verb): ぶり返し, 逆戻り
rehab (rehabilitation clinic) (noun): a clinical program to support people who have a (drug or alcohol) addiction. リハビリ治療

This Week’s Business/Email Phrase

Crack under pressure

Tomorrow is the basketball championship. It will be watched live around the country. This is the rookie player’s first championship game, and some people are worried that he might crack under pressure. It is normal to feel nervous when so many fans are counting on a player.

Explanation: The term “crack under pressure” means to become afraid and make mistakes because of the pressure to win.

rookie player: 新人
counting on (someone): 当てにする
crack under pressure: プレッシャーに負け