[134] Tokyo 500kph Bullet Train


Tokyo 500kph Bullet Train A test run of Japan’s new generation train registered 500kph this November. A group of 2,400 train passengers were chosen from a special lottery in which 300,000 people applied. The maglev technology uses a magnetic system to lift the train off the track and propel it forward with very little drag or friction. It is estimated that by 2027 the Maglev will make the 350km trip from Tokyo to Nagoya in just 40 minutes.



Donald: Did Laura have her baby yet?

Michiko: Yes, but did you hear that she gave birth to twins? Now she’s overwhelmed with taking care of them 24 hours per day.

Explanation: The term “overwhelmed” means that someone is shocked by how much work or effort is required to get through a task, and is trying hard to make the required effort.


range of motion

Patient: After I have surgery on my hip, will I still be able to climb stairs and go surfing?

Doctor: We can’t make any guarantees, but after the recovery period you should recover more than 80% of your range of motion. But be sure to warm up and stretch before any strenuous activities.

Explanation: The phrase “range of motion” means the extent and limits of stretching and moving that the body can do. People who stretch and exercise regularly have a greater range of motion than people who do not stretch regularly.


gender discrimination

Dear Mr. Sorensen:

In our recent corporate human resources review, we found that women make up 40% of the company’s workforce, but only 2% of the board of directors. We have to institute a fair hiring policy to end this gender discrimination in upper-level management.

Explanation: The term “gender discrimination” means to favor one gender over another, such as hiring only males for marketing jobs while hiring only women for secretarial jobs. It is sometimes also called “sex discrimination.”