[106] Some airlines ban inflight cellphone calls


Some airlines ban inflight cellphone calls: A majority of passengers as well as flight crews in the US have said that they do not want to see inflight cell phone calls being allowed. The technology currently exists to allow passengers to use phones in mid flight, but there are concerns about how disruptive such calls would be for other passengers. Delta Airlines’ CEO Richard Anderson was quoted as saying “…a clear majority of customers who responded to a 2012 survey said they felt the abilitiy to make voice calls on-board would detract from – not enhance – their experience.” He also said “Delta employees, particularly our in-flight crews, have told us definitively that they are not in favor of voice calls on-board.”


don’t lose sleep over it

Tina: I’m so mad at my boss. He made me sit in a meeting for more than an hour even though the meeting had no connection to my work. It was a complete waste of time!

Emilia: These things happen all the time in offices. Don’t lose sleep over it. Let’s go out for dinner.

Explanation: When we say to someone “Don’t lose sleep over it,” we are tying to tell them not to worry too much about small problems.


spot the signs

Eve: What can I do to check if I’m at risk for a stroke?

Dr. Kyle: A scanning process called the PET scan can spot the signs that might lead to a stroke. We can make an appointment for you to have one if you think you’re at risk.

Explanation: To “spot the signs” is to detect any clues or indications that a patient might need to be treated for a disease or illness.


Devaluation of the Yen

Dear Mr. Adams:

We should adjust the price structure for our exports to Japan. The devaluation of the Yen will make our products more expensive in the Japanese market and they may not want to buy our products.

Explanation: The term “devaluation” is a common way of saying that the Yen is losing value against other currencies.