[153] Air Crash in Hiroshima


Air Crash in Hiroshima Investigating teams are in Hiroshima to determine why an arriving South Korean Asiana Airlines Airbus A320 flew too low during its landing approach and hit a fence. More than 20 people were injured in the crash landing. The incident is similar to a crash in San Francisco in 2013 in which an Asiana aircraft landed seconds too early and hit the edge of a retaining wall. Some industry experts placed have called for checks of the on-board automated landing systems.


leave it to me

Brianna: My son is losing a baby tooth for the first time, and I don’t know how to help him remove the tooth without pain.

Imogen: I’ve raised three kids who have all lost their baby teeth. Leave it to me. I know how to handle it.

Explanation: When you say “leave it to me” you mean that you will take care of the situation completely. The other person doesn’t need to worry or do anything else. It is similar to saying “Let me handle everything.”


with the aid of…

Patient: How are you going to find the ulcer that is inside the stomach?

Doctor: There is no need to worry. We will find the ulcer with the aid of an endoscopic camera, which is a tiny camera in a thin tube that is inserted in the body. It won’t hurt at all, and it allows us to see exactly where the ulcer is.

Explanation: The term “with the aid of…” means that a device, system, or worker is used to help in performing a task. It is similar to saying “with the help of X” or “We use X to help us do Y activity.”


a drop in the bucket

Dear Julie:

I read your proposal for increasing profits by using cheaper staples for the product boxes. However, I calculated that it will only increase our profits by 0.001%. It’s just a drop in the bucket, so I don’t think it’s worth the effort.

Explanation: When we say that something is “a drop in the bucket” we mean that it has a very tiny amount of benefit. We can also express the same idea as “a drop in the ocean.”