[152] Mixed-Race Winner for Japan at Miss Universe Contest


Mixed-Race Winner for Japan at Miss Universe Contest When Ariana Miyamoto was chosen to represent Japan at the Miss Universe contest, it became the first time in history for a woman of mixed race to receive the honor. Miyamoto said that when she was a child some classmates would call her bad names and refuse to touch her because of her slightly dark skin and unusual features. Mixed-race children were less than 2% of the children born in Japan in 2013.


sitting back

Logan: My brother and my sister are in a big fight about what to do for our parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary. My brother wants to throw a big party with lots of guests, but my sister wants to have a quiet meal with close family members.

Charlotte: And whose side are you on?

Logan: I’m not on either side. I’m just sitting back and waiting for the trouble to end.

Explanation: When we say that someone is “sitting back” it means that they are relaxed and not taking any clear action.


lax regulation

Patient: Is it safe to take the new vitamin supplements? The manufacturers test the products for side effects, right?

Doctor: Vitamin supplements are not the same as medicines. There have been many health risks due to the lax regulation of the vitamin supplement industry. The clinical standards are much lower than in the pharmaceutical industry.

Explanation: In the term “lax regulation” the word “lax” acts as the adjective. It means that regulation is very weak, and the authorities don’t care very much.


Pay out

Dear Janine:

Do you remember the copyright infringement court case against our partner company in France? The court ruled that we have to pay out three million Euros to the copyright holder. I need to have a meeting with the Chief Financial Officer right away!

Explanation: The term “pay out” means to pay a large amount of money at one time, usually because of a court case, the sale of a company, or some other major decision. It can also be used as a noun, as in “The company made a large payout to the inventor.”