[163] World Yoga Day celebrated for first time


World Yoga Day celebrated for first time An initiative started by India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gained U.N. recognition with June 21st becoming the first World Yoga Day/International Yoga Day. Indian politicians and foreign diplomats joined Mr. Modi in New Delhi’s main street, laying down yoga mats and practicing yoga at dawn on the 21st, which is also commonly the first day of summer. Modi has been a longtime proponent of yoga and seeks to link the practice to India’s cultural heritage and national image.

yoga : ヨガ
initiative: 企業心・進取の気性
proponent: 支持者


crying wolf

Rita: Can you believe what Howard said to me this morning? He told me that if I showed up five minutes late again, our manager might fire me from the company. Do you think that could really happen?

Melanie: Don’t worry too much about what Howard says. I think he’s just crying wolf again. He does that a lot.

Explanation: If a person warns of something over and over without having any real information, we say that they are “crying wolf.” The phrase comes from the ancient Greek fables of Aesop, where a boy cried that a wolf was coming, but the villagers found out that he was only lying. Later when a real wolf appeared, the villagers refused to believe the boy’s warnings.



Patient: Every month before I have my menstrual period I feel very bloated, my muscles are sore, and I can’t seem to deal with situations calmly.

Doctor: I have some medicine that might help you with the symptoms of PMS.

Explanation: The term “PMS” stands for “premenstrual syndrome.” The symptoms may include mood swings, depression, irritability, headache, back pain, abdominal pain, irregular sleeping patterns, and other symptoms.

Premenstrual syndrome: 月経前緊張症
bloated: ふくらまされます


reach a conclusion

Dear Andrew:

Our management team has been discussing your proposal for outsourcing a delivery company to handle customer orders. Yesterday we reached a conclusion. We would like to test your idea for six months in our Boston office before creating a nationwide program.

Explanation: When a group of people discuss a question and finally make a decision, we mean that they have finally “reached a conclusion.”

Reach a conclusion: 結論に達する