[198] Martin Luther King Jr.


Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated 48 years ago on April 4th, 1968. The civil rights leader was killed while standing on the balcony of a motel in Memphis, Tennessee. He was getting ready to go to a dinner with his supporters, and paused on the balcony, when he was struck in the neck by a bullet. Mourners visited the Civil Rights Museum in Atlanta as well as the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial in the National Mall of Washington, D.C.


Airline employees have revealed some of their secrets for air travel, including the length of time that you can use an oxygen mask. If the airplane cabin loses pressure, you only have about 12-20 seconds to put on the mask before you lose consciousness. So remember to put your mask on first before trying to help children. The oxygen in the masks will last for about 12 minutes, which is long enough for the flight to descend to a lower flying altitude and everyone can breathe normally.

oxygen mask : 酸素マスク
depressurize : 減圧する


isolated area

Brett: What should we pack for the weekend at Andrew’s mountain cabin?

Laura: I hope you know that the cabin is in a very isolated area. There aren’t any shops nearby. So we need to pack everything we need, including bread, tea bags, and anything else we need.

Explanation: The phrase “isolated area” means an area that is far away from other buildings and other people.

isolated area: 遠隔・遠隔地


dispatch an ambulance

Telephone caller: My grandmother fell down the stairs and hit her head. Can you send an ambulance right away?

Hospital staff member: Yes, we’ll dispatch an ambulance from a hospital near your street. It should arrive within 10 minutes.

Explanation: To “dispatch an ambulance” means to send an ambulance from the hospital to pick up a patient.

dispatch (verb): 送る・急送


vulnerable to hacking

Hello Jeffrey:

I’m afraid that our computer systems are vulnerable to hacking. We need to increase our network security and anti-virus systems. Please ask Mr. Yamada in the systems engineering department for more details.

Explanation: When we say that a computer system is “vulnerable to hacking” we mean that hackers can get into the system and cause damage, or steal information.

vulnerable: 泣き所
hacking: ハッキング