[223] Samsung stops Galaxy 7 phone production over safety fears


Samsung stops Galaxy 7 phone production over safety fears The Galaxy Note 7 phone has been involved in numerous battery fires, and the South Korean company has halted production in order to ensure public safety. The company advised current owners to permanently turn off their devices. The company is offering to give buyers a full refund.

full refund: 全額払い戻し


open some doors

Allie: Are you coming to the networking party on Friday night?

Megan: Yes, I want to meet some people in other companies. I’m thinking of quitting my job and looking for another company to work for. I hope that the party can help me to open some doors at a big corporation.

Explanation: The phrase “open some doors” means to meet people who can help you in your professional life. We can also say “I want to open some doors for my career.”


the benefits outweigh the risks

Patient: Is this medicine completely safe? I’m worried about side effects.

Doctor: There is a possibility of minor side effects, but since you have a serious condition, we strongly recommend taking the medicine. Based on our previous experience and clinical evidence, the benefits outweigh the risks.

Explanation: The phrase “the benefits outweigh the risks” means that there are some risks, but the advantages are stronger and more important.

benefits outweigh the risks : 利益が不利益を上回る


client driven approach

Hello Mr. Carter:

We have been offering many products that we can make at our factory, but we need to focus on a client driven approach. We need to offer what the client wants, not what the production crew wants.

Explanation: The phrase “client driven approach” means to run a business that focuses on the client, not the production. We can also say “customer driven approach.” A production approach could be a fisherman who sells the fish he catches every day, for many years. A client driven approach would be a store owner who hears that Spanish food is becoming popular, and starts offering Spanish food to satisfy the new client demand.