[231] Asia’s Top Four Airports


Asia’s Top Four Airports China’s capital of Beijing became the busiest airport in Asia, followed by Tokyo Haneda, Hong Kong, and Shanghai Pudong. Most of the traffic through Haneda is Japanese domestic travel, with Haneda-Sapporo being the most popular route. The Chinese capital of Beijing saw almost 90 million passengers in 2015.


Google consumes as much electricity as San Francisco Internet information company Google uses so much electricity for its servers that it is equal to the electricity consumed by everyone in San Francisco, California. The city has a population of over 800,000 people. San Francisco County consumes 5.8 terawatts of energy, while Google consumes 5.7 terawatts of energy. Google has announced a goal of using 100% renewable energy sources by 2017. One terawatt equals one billion kilowatts.

terawatt: テラワット


I’m biting my nails

Corey: When will you get the results of your university exams?

Jun: The test results won’t be out until Friday. I’m afraid that I didn’t do well in the history section, so I’m biting my nails until the results come out.

Corey: Call me on Friday when you get the results. If you pass, we can go out to celebrate.

Explanation: The phrase “biting (one’s) nails” means that a person is very nervous and waiting for some results.

biting my nails: 爪を噛むこと・心配する


suffer a miscarriage

Doctor Xiuying: I need to know some things about your medical history. Do you have any children?

Patient: Yes, I have one daughter, born two years ago. I was also pregnant last year, but I suffered a miscarriage. My husband and I would like to have another child in the future.

Explanation: The phrase “suffer a miscarriage” means that a pregnancy ended before natural birth, and before the 20th week of pregnancy. Between 10% and 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage.

miscarriage (noun): 自然流産


It’s a tradeoff between (A and B)

Hello Vivian:

The new Japanese photocopier that you recommended for our company is high quality, but too expensive. The Malaysian-built photocopier is lower quality, but better in price. So we have to consider the tradeoff between quality and price.

Explanation: The phrase “it’s a tradeoff between (A and B)” means that there are two points to compare. If A changes, B also changes.

tradeoff: 矛盾点