[241] World’s largest hotel to open in Saudi Arabia


World’s largest hotel to open in Saudi Arabia In order to cater to the millions of religious pilgrims on the Muslim Hajj pilgrimage, the new Abraj Kudai Hotel in Mecca will have 12 towers of 45 floors each, housing 10,000 bedrooms. Guests can choose from 40 restaurants, and VIP visitors can arrive on one of four helipads. Some architects warn that the building boom will drive prices out of range for the average pilgrim, and the tall hotels will dwarf the centuries-old religious structures at the heart of Saudi Arabia’s historic city.

pilgrim: 巡礼者
pilgrimage: 巡礼


Electronic ring keys are emerging as a new technology market. The rings have chips that can be used to pay for public transportation at ticket gates, unlock your house and car, verify credit cards, and many other uses. The devices look like regular finger rings, but contain IC chips, motion sensors, and batteries. They communicate with other devices through Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC). For example, a computer password could be entered simply by tapping the ring on the computer twice. A car door could be locked by tapping the hand against the door lock.

public transportation: 公共交通機関
motion sensor: 人感センサー
near field communication (NFC): 近距離無線通信
tap/tapping (verb): to hit gently: 叩く


it doesn’t make sense

Sarah: Did you make online reservations for the music performance?

Kim: I tried to, but there is a notice on the website saying that the tickets are sold out, but there is also a window that shows available seats. How could there be available seats if the event is sold out? It doesn’t make sense.

Sarah: I think you need to recheck the information. There was probably some mistake on the website.

Explanation: The term “it doesn’t make sense” means that there is some problem with the information, or some mistake has been made.

sold out: 売り切り・満員


urinary tract infection

DEliza: I was admitted to the hospital for a simple operation, but ever since I was released, I feel like I have to go to the bathroom all the time. And I have a terrible itching feeling.

Doctor Singh: You might have a UTI, which stands for urinary tract infection. It could be transmitted through sexual contact, or through an infected catheter in a hospital or clinic. We’ll need you to provide a urine sample, and then we can prescribe the needed medicine.

Explanation: The term “urinary tract infection” means any type of infection that happens in the bladder, the urethra, or even the kidneys. They can be transmitted through the use of catheters in hospitals, through improper personal hygiene, or through sexual contact.

urinary tract infection: 尿路感染症
bladder: 膀胱
urethra: 尿道
catheter: カテーテル
itching: 痒い


drive internet traffic

Amber: We need to make some agreements with people who have huge social media following to help drive internet traffic to our websites. These people are Key Opinion Leaders.

Oscar: I understand. I’ll contact some advertising agencies and ask them to find some famous athletes who can pitch our products to their followers. I know one baseball star who has more than five million followers on social media.

Explanation: The phrase “drive internet traffic” means to push or steer internet searches to a company’s website or products. It is like driving a bus full of passengers to a station.