[240] Japan unveils super luxury train to Hokkaido


Japan unveils super luxury train to Hokkaido Wealthy tourists in Japan can enjoy a leisurely 4-night super-luxury train ride from Tokyo to Hokkaido, if they have the cash for the super-expensive ticket. The top-of-the-range executive suites include bathtubs lined with Hinoki wood. The floors of some of the suites feature traditional straw tatami mats. The observatory decks on the first and last train wagons have glass walls and ceilings to enjoy panoramic views of northern Japan. The ticket price? As high as 10,000$. The new Shiki-Shima train line is operated by the East Japan Railway Co. Sources say that the train journeys are fully booked until March of 2018.

fully booked : 満員・満席・満室
observation deck / observatory : 観測所


Apple iPhone screens can be repaired at 400 stores Apple will authorize participating stores to use the company’s Horizon repair machines to fix broken or cracked iPhone screens. The repair systems will be available in stores in some 25 countries. Some industry analysts have estimated that screen repairs generate between 1-2 billion dollars in revenue for Apple.

authorize (verb) authorization (noun): 許可・検定
industry analyst: 分析者・情勢分析解説者


blind spot

Nolan: Should we take your sports car to the boat show, or use my minivan?

Maria: My sports car is a lot of fun, but it has a blind spot on the left side, so I can’t see traffic in the other lane. I think that in heavy traffic it might be better to use your minivan. It has better rear visibility.

Explanation: The term “blind spot” is a point where a driver cannot see, because of something blocking the vision. It can also mean something that a person doesn’t understand well. For example, we can say “Mori-san has a blind spot in understanding tax law. He has trouble making the post-tax calculations”

blind spot: 盲点・死角


flush away

Doctor Smirnov: I’ll give you a prescription to cure your bladder infection. You should feel better within one week.

Mrs. Sugihara: Is there anything else I should do to fight the infection?

Doctor Smirnov: I suggest that you drink lots of fluids to flush away the bacteria. That will help you to recovery quickly.

Explanation: The term “flush” or “flush away” means to use water or other liquid to wash away germs, bacteria, etc.

flush away: 流し出す・流れる


my day off

Oscar: Can we have a quick marketing meeting on Monday?

Amber: I’m sorry, but I work on Saturdays and Sundays, so Monday is my day off. Can we meet on another day, such as Wednesday or Thursday? I’ll have time then.

Oscar: Actually, Wednesday is my day off, so let’s meet on Thursday.

Explanation: The phrase “my day off” means that the person talking has a day of rest every week. Many people have Saturday and Sunday as their days off, but some people work on the weekends, and have Monday or Tuesday as their day off. Many hair salon employees in Japan have Tuesday or Wednesday as their day off.

day off (informal phrase) : 休日・定休日