[128] Sweden recognizes Palestinian State


Sweden recognizes Palestinian State: As the number of countries in the World continues to increase, Sweden has officially recognized the State of Palestine. The United Nations has recently admitted Palestine to many of its agencies and to the General Assembly. Hungary, Poland and Slovakia have also given Palestine official recognition. Other countries that are new to the World are East Timor and South Sudan. Scotland recently voted against independence from the United Kingdom.


lose track of the time

Nancy: Are you ready to go? The concert starts in 20 minutes!

Andy: Oops, sorry! I was talking with my sister on the phone and I lost track of the time. Let’s grab a taxi so we can there quickly.

Explanation: The phrase “lose track of time” means to be unaware of how much time has passed. We say “I lost track of time” or “I lost track of the time” as a common excuse for being late for an appointment.



Mr. Kadokawa: Have you found the cause of my son’s medical problems?

Doctor Chen: Yes, it seems that he has hyperthyroidism. His thyroid gland is secreting a high level of hormones, and it is causing a variety of symptoms. We’ll run more tests to determine the details.

Explanation: The term “secrete” means to release a substance into the body. It is different from “excrete” which is to expel a substance from the body.


prospective client

Dear Mr. James:

I won’t be able to attend the planning meeting today. I have to take a prospective client on a tour of the factory and then take him to lunch. I hope he decides to do business with us.

Explanation: The phrase “prospective client” means a person or company that is showing interest in your company but hasn’t bought anything yet. A prospective client might become a client very soon.