[67] Most of the Boeing 787 aircraft around the world have been grounded


Most of the Boeing 787 aircraft around the world have been grounded while an investigation focuses on the lithium-ion batteries developed by Japan’s GS Yuasa battery company. Technicians are investigating not only the batteries but all of the electrical systems of the aircraft. The grounding and investigation follow an emergency landing of an ANA flight this month. ANA now has 17 of the Boeing 787 aircraft out of circulation. Boeing officials point out that the Dreamliner battery systems were used in tests for 1.3million hours without a fault.
As of this week, all Boeing 787 flights in the U.S. are grounded; all ANA and JAL 787s are grounded; all Air India 787s are grounded; all Chilean LATAM Airlines 787s are grounded. Please check news sources for recent updates regarding flight delays and aircraft availability.


She’s a toothpick

Ian: I had lunch with Amanda yesterday, but she only ate a small salad. She told me that she wants to lose 5 kilograms by the summer.

Matt: Are you kidding? She’s so thin already. She’s a toothpick! She doesn’t need to lose any more weight.

Explanation: If we say about a woman “She’s a toothpick,” It means that she is very thin. If we say a man is like a toothpick, it means that he doesn’t have any muscles or good body shape.



Paramedic: We’re bringing in an MVA victim with multiple chest fractures. We’ll arrive at the hospital in 4 minutes.

Doctor: We’ll prepare X-rays of the chest and pelvis.

Explanation: The letters “MVA” stand for “motor vehicle accident.” A “motor vehicle” could mean a car, truck, bus, or other type of transportation. Typical motor vehicle accident injuries include chest and neck injuries (from the steering wheel and seat belt) dislocation of the hip joint, and also ankle and leg injuries. The letters are pronounced “em-vee-aye”


game changer

Dear Fiona:

We have to make some decisions about our company’s future. Our main customer has developed a new motorcycle that runs on battery power alone. Battery technology is a game changer for us, because the new motorcycles won’t need any of the exhaust pipes that we make and sell.

Explanation: A game changer is a new technology or new event that changes the way a company will do business. It is a way of saying “This new development will change the rules of our business game.”