[159] New leader for Africa’s largest population


New leader for Africa’s largest population The most populous country in Africa, Nigeria, has for the first time elected an opposition candidate over a serving president. Current president Goodluck Johnathan admitted defeat in the latest presidential election to former general Muhammadu Buhari. The general ruled Nigeria for three years in the 1980s after a military coup. Nigeria is Africa’s largest producer of oil.

populous: 人口が多い
oppositon: 野党
coup: 政変



Karl: My neighbor has a motorcycle that makes so much noise. He starts it early in the morning and wakes everyone up with the roar of the engine.

Xui Li: That sounds really annoying. I don’t know how you can tolerate that. Why don’t you tell him to repair the engine so it doesn’t bother everyone?

Explanation: When we have to “tolerate” something, it means that we have to live with the problem, and somehow continue with our daily life. If it is too much, we sometimes say “I can’t tolerate this anymore.”

tolerate: 許す・受け付ける
roar: 轟き
repair: 直す



Mrs. Harris: I have so much stress from taking care of my ailing father that I find it hard to fall asleep.

Doctor: I understand that it can be stressful for you. I can prescribe a tranquilizer for you, or you can purchase some products over the counter at your pharmacy.

Explanation: The word “tranquilizer ” means a drug that helps someone calm down so that they can fall asleep, and remain at sleep until the morning.

tranquilizer: 鎮静剤・精神安定薬
ailing: 病める
over the counter: 大衆薬・市販



The big marketing conference will take place in Anaheim, California two months from now. We have so many things to prepare. We need to prioritize our action plan so that we finish the most important things first. Then we can deal with the small details.

Explanation: “Prioritize” is a verb that means to put tasks in an order, and decide which one to complete first, and which one to complete later. We can also have priority mail that arrives quickly, and priority seating at an event that allows some people to take their seats early.

prioritize: 優先する