[72] A new Tokyo-to-Denver route has been postponed


A new Tokyo-to-Denver route has been postponed due to problems with United Airlines’ aircraft. A new flight route scheduled by United Airlines to link Tokyo Narita with Denver was set to start on March 31 of 2013, but the company has moved the date back to May 12th. The airline intended to use the Boeing 787 as the main aircraft for the route, but recent electrical and battery system problems have caused flight suspensions. United has grounded the 787s on its other routes.


in the same boat

Matthew: I go to a business college after my regular work day, and I have a lot of practice assignments to complete at night. It makes me very tired at the end of the week.

Christine: Really? I take university classes after work too. I also study on the weekends.

Matthew: I guess we’re in the same boat. Let’s study together on Saturday.

Explanation: When we say that people are in the same boat, it means that they are in a similar situation, or dealing with a similar problem.



Doctor Glenn: We have a patient arriving in the ambulance with a probable neck injury.

Doctor Soza: Our first priority should be to immobilize the neck and head. We want to prevent any movement or further injury.

Explanation: When medical staff need to prevent a patient from moving, we say that they “need to be immobilized,” or the part of the body “needs to be immobilized.”


cover our expenses

Dear Dianna:

Please tell me how much your department needs for its budget this year. We need to arrange the money with the bank so we can cover our expenses.

Explanation: The phrase “cover our expenses” is a way to say that you need to get enough money together to pay for the bills and costs of a company.