[73] A list of reader recommendations for best rooftop bar


A list of reader recommendations for best rooftop bar in Asia showed high marks for the Sky Bar in Bangkok. The Sky Bar is on the 63rd floor of the Lebua Hotel. There isn’t an entrance fee, but the drinks are more expensive than at most bars in the city. Regular visitors suggest going just before sunset and watching the Sun going down over the Chao Praya river. Recommendations also went to the Rooftop Garden at the Rex Hotel, which used to be a favorite spot for journalists. The list came from readers of the UK’s Guardian newspaper.


mince your words

Hugh: I’m angry at my uncle for saying bad things to me at my birthday party. But I don’t know how to respond to him.
Craig: I think you should speak with him very frankly. Don’t mince your words.

Explanation: The phrase “don’t mince your words” means that you should not be polite or hide your real meaning. To mince something means to cut it into small pieces that are easy to eat.


I’m on call

Doctor Harvey: Can you attend the pharmacology conference tomorrow with us?

Doctor Durban: I don’t think I’ll make it. I’m on call in the hospital from tonight until tomorrow afternoon.

Explanation: When a medical professional says they are on call, it means that they are scheduled to work at a hospital or clinic for a long number of hours.


glass ceiling

Dear Sara:

I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t promoted to the board of directors of the bank. It’s still very difficult for women in the banking industry to break through the glass ceiling.

Explanation: The phrase “glass ceiling” means the invisible wall that prevents women and many minorities from getting top jobs in business.