[81]More airports are starting to offer short-term


More airports are starting to offer short-term sleeping options from oval sleeping pods to capsule hotels to mini hotel rooms that are located inside the airport transit terminals. Some of the airports that already have basic hotel facilities inside the terminals are Singapore and Malaysia’s main hub airports. Dubai also has spacious and fully equipped luxury suites for transiting passengers.

And now Abu Dhabi offers egg-shaped sleeping pods that can be rented by the hour. The GoSleep pods resemble tanning salon beds, and can be closed and locked for privacy. The supplying company plans to include internet access and mobile device charging systems in the near future. The Munich Airport has a similar system called Napcab.

India’s Indira Gandhi International Airport has a system of renting tiny rooms that are similar to capsule hotels, and include a minibar.

Heathrow and Gatwick airports in London offer rooms managed by the Yotel company, which are similar to rooms in Japanese business hotels.


cut me some slack

Heath: Why are you late? We have to catch the train in 30 minutes.

Ellen: I’m only five minutes late, and the train station is only a 10 minute walk from here. Cut me some slack. We’ll get to the station in time.

Explanation: The phrase “cut me some slack” is like saying to someone “don’t be so strict with me.” The origin of the phrase comes from making a rope less tight.


curb the risk

Nurse: If I follow this medical diet, will it protect me from diabetes?

Doctor: It may not prevent diabetes completely, but it will curb the risk.

Explanation: The phrase “curb the risk” means to reduce the risk as much as possible. To “curb” something is like putting a car on the curb so that it is not in the middle of the street.


the system froze

Dear Julia:

I tried to write you yesterday, but unfortunately we were changing internet servers, and the system froze. But now everything is fine and we can communicate normally.

Explanation: The phrase “the system froze” is used to describe a machine or a computer system that suddenly stops working. It is similar to machines freezing in the winter and not moving.