[82]There is now a “Fearless Flying” course to help people


There is now a “Fearless Flying” course to help people overcome their fear of air travel. For a fee, officials at low-cost airline EasyJet will provide training for people with acrophobia, a fear that prevents them from being able to get on an airplane or other tasks that involve heights. EasyJet says that about one in six people is seriously afraid of flying.

The course is only three hours long, and includes a short flight from London’s Luton airport.

The experience will be included as a part of an upcoming U.K. television feature.


sardine rage

Mei: Two of my coworkers got into a big argument in the office today. I can’t believe they were shouting at each other in such a small room.

Salman: That happens often when people are in a small office all day long. It sounds like a case of sardine rage.

Explanation: The phrase “sardine rage” means an argument that starts when people are cramped in closed spaces like an elevator, a crowded train or a small office. It comes from the idea of sardines and other fish being close together in a food can.


post-partum depression

Lila: After the birth of my first child, I felt very depressed.

Doctor: It might be a case of post-partum depression. We can recommend a counselor and some anti-depressants.

Explanation: The phrase “post-partum depression” refers to a feeling of sadness after giving birth, when mothers go from a rapid change from being pregnant to being a new mother.


lay the groundwork

Dear Robert:

We need to lay the groundwork for next month’s conference. Can you put together a basic schedule and tell us roughly how much the conference might cost?

Explanation: The phrase “lay the groundwork” means to create the base for something that will be done later. It means the first stage of a project.