[84] New Zealand is working hard to bring tourists


New Zealand is working hard to bring tourists to the South Island’s Fiordland World Heritage National Park. Two of the main attractions are the Milford Sound and the Doubtful Sound, two high mountain formations that plummet to narrow sea passages on the South Island’s southwest coast. The area has many species of rare birds and other animals that are native only to the New Zealand. The dramatic scenery and ancient forests were used for scenes of the Lord of Rings movies.

Milford Sound can be accessed by road, while many of the other sounds are accessible by tour boats, helicopters, or planes.


comfort zone

Robert: Are you coming skydiving with us this weekend?

Chris: Skydiving? Are you crazy? That’s way outside of my comfort zone! I just want to sit at home and read a book.

Explanation: The phrase “comfort zone” means the activities that a person is comfortable doing every day. If something is outside of their “comfort zone” it means that they feel afraid or uncomfortable doing something.


lab values

Stephanie: What do you think my illness comes from?

Doctor: We can’t be sure yet, but your lab values are in the normal range.

Explanation: The phrase “lab values” means all of the results of standard lab tests.


entry level

There’s a company that wants to talk to you about a job offer. It doesn’t sound like a management position, though. I think it’s an entry level position, but you could get promoted later.

Explanation: The phrase “entry level position” or “entry level job” means a job that is for people who are just starting their professional career. An entry level job usually has only a basic salary and limited responsibility.