[85] Water-based theme park Atlantis


Water-based theme park Atlantis, the Palm is set to expand its Aquaventure rides in Dubai in August of 2013. The parent company specializes in hotel developments with special themes such as ocean access or water parks. The water adventure park will feature rides with water slides and other rides that offer spectacular views of the city. One ride will start from 40 meters above the park. Another will feature a “river ride” that goes on for more than 2 kilometers.


flipped out

Graham: My wife got very angry with me last night.

Shaun: Why? What did you do?

Graham: I went out with my college friends until 3:00am. When I came home, my wife shouted at me until the morning.

Explanation: When someone “flips out,” it means that they become very angry. It can also mean that someone is very scared or shocked. It sometimes means that a person is reacting in an emotional way instead of a calm way.


stress incontinence

Patient: Sometimes when I laugh hard or sneeze, I feel like I have to pee.

Doctor: This is a common case in people over 50. We can recommend some exercises for this type of stress incontinence.

Explanation: The term “stress incontinence” means the accidental urination when muscle pressure is placed on the bladder and urinary tract. It is more common in women than in men.


For future reference

Dear Norman:

I’m sending you a copy of last month’s invoice. Please keep it for future reference.

Explanation: The phrase “for future reference” means that you might need the information later. The phrase is often used when talking about receipts or tax information. We often write “please keep this receipt for future reference” or “please retrain this receipt for future reference.”