[88] Hawaiian Airlines is to start flying from Honolulu to Sendai and Sapporo airports


Hawaiian Airlines is to start flying from Honolulu to Sendai and Sapporo airports. The flight operates on a route that starts in Honolulu, makes a stopover in Sendai, and continues on to Sapporo. The flight will turn around and cross back over the Pacific to return to Honolulu. The route operates with Boeing 767-300ER aircraft, which can seat more than 250 passengers. At present the three-city flight operates three times per week.


paint yourself into a corner

Amanda: I promised Toby that I would teach him how to surf, but I have so much work right now that I really don’t have time. I’m afraid he’ll get angry with me if I cancel.

Jonathan: It sounds like you’ve painted yourself into a corner. If you need to get out of it, I can teach him this weekend, and you can teach him next weekend.

Explanation: When we say “you’ve painted yourself into a corner” it means that you have created a difficult situation for yourself and now you don’t know how to get out of it.


coping mechanism

Robin: Even since my husband found out he has cancer, he goes out with his friends and comes back drunk. Why is he doing that?

Doctor Harding: This is a common coping mechanism. He may change many things about his behavior in the coming months.

Explanation: The term “coping mechanism” means a way of acting that is in response to a difficult experience in life. The difficult experience could be an emotional problem, or a health problem, or a combined problem.



Dear Randall:

We are having some problems with our clients. We’ve talked with them a few times on the phone, but I think we need to sort this out face-to-face. Can you visit them tomorrow?

Explanation: The phrase “face-to-face” is a way of saying that people should meet personally rather than communicating over the internet or on the telephone.