[89] Korea’s Asiana Airlines flight 214 crash-landed


Korea’s Asiana Airlines flight 214 crash-landed and then caught fire at San Francisco Airport on July 6th. Investigators are now collecting information to determine the cause of the crash. The flight was arriving from Incheon, South Korea. Of the 291 passengers and 16 crew, there were two deaths, and 182 people sent to hospital. The flight was operating with a Boeing 777 aircraft. The location of debris at the edge of the runway near the water, along with the testimony of witnesses, led to speculation that the plane may have come in too low or tried to land too early, and that the tail section of the aircraft may have hit the rock bank separating the runway from the water.


hit the sack

Lila: Are you going to come to the second party at the rooftop bar tonight?

Hisashi: I would like to, but it’s already very late, and I didn’t get much sleep this week. I’m going to go home and hit the sack.

Explanation: To “hit the sack” means that we want to fall into bed and rest our head on the pillow. We sometimes call a bed “the sack.”



Doctor Martin: The patient just arrived by ambulance after hitting his head while falling down the stairs.

Doctor Harris: From our diagnostics, there is a strong possibility of a cranial hematoma. We need to move quickly to make sure that we relieve the pressure.

Explanation: The term “hematoma” means a swelling of blood in body tissues. The word comes from ancient Greek, meaning ‘body of blood.’ It can also be written “haematoma


overnight stay

Dear Julie:

Even though the conference in Nagoya is not so far away, I suggest you reserve a hotel and make an overnight stay. That way you can meet with some business contacts over dinner, and you can also make some early morning appointments with them the next day.