[101] Tourism boost for Hawaii after gay marriage law


Tourism boost for Hawaii after gay marriage law: Tourism to Hawaii is expected to get a boost after the US state legalizes gay marriage in December of 2013. Authorities expect that the island chain will see an increase in gay couples getting married there and also spending their honeymoons on the islands. Hawaii will become the 15th US state to legalize gay marriage. A study by the University of Hawaii estimated that in the next 3 years the gay marriage law will help Hawaii bring in more than $200m in tourism revenue.


one step closer

Dimitry: Have you found out who stole your bicycle?

Clark: Some of the neighbors saw a person near my house, and this morning the police found my bike. I think we are one step closer to solving the crime.

Explanation: The phrase “one step closer” means that the speaker is making some progress, and is getting a little bit closer to their goal.



Mr. Halabi: We have a student on the second floor of the school who is not responding. Have you sent the ambulance yet?

Doctor Haley: Don’t worry, the paramedics are already in front of the building. They’ll be on the second floor in less than one minute.

Explanation: The term “paramedics” means the medical professionals who ride in the ambulance to provide immediate care and stabilize the patient until arrival at the hospital. The terms also refers to other people working at various jobs inside the hospital.


number crunching

Dear Miranda:
It’s time to work out the personnel budget for next year. Can you come by the office tomorrow? We’ll have to spend the whole morning doing some difficult number crunching.

Explanation: The term “number crunching” describes the act of looking over numbers and budgets and calculating things. It is a general term that can be used for any work done with a calculator or accounting books.