[100] Airports damaged in Philippines


Airports damaged in Philippines: Several airports in the Philippines have been severely damaged by typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan, and the typhoon is expected to hit the Indochinese peninsula soon, with Vietnam suffering heavy storm winds. Officials in the Philippines are dealing with scenes of devastation on the central Philippine islands of Leyte, Cebu, and other smaller islands. On Leyte island alone there were 10,000 deaths reported. The airport in Tacloban, on Leyte Island, was badly damaged, and helicopters were bringing in equipment and supplies to get the runways operational for relief supplies.


so far, so good

Vanessa: How are plans for the ski trip going? Can your whole family take a vacation at the same time?

Taroh: It seems like things will work out. I got a one-week vacation from my job, my wife also got a vacation, and our daughter is trying to visit us from college. So far so good.

Explanation: The phrase “so far, so good” means that the plans are going well, and there is no problem at this point.


hemispherical vision

Mr. Shibata: Have you found out why I can’t see properly?

Doctor Petilla: The stroke that you had has caused damaged to your optical nerve and you have what is called hemispherical vision. Rather than seeing a person in front of you, your brain is only recording one half of the image.

Explanation: The term “hemispherical vision” means the condition in which stroke patients see half of their field of vision as black, and can only see the other half. The term “hemisphere” is from Latin and ancient Greek, meaning ‘half of a round object.”


entry-level job

Dear Emma:

Thank you for your interest in the job opening for a receptionist. I see from your resume that you have a master’s degree in business administration and many years of experience. The job for receptionist is basically an entry level job, and I am afraid you won’t be satisfied with the work challenges or the salary.

Explanation: The term “entry-level job” describes a job that is for people who recently graduated high school or college and are looking for their first job.