[129] Youngest Nobel Peace Prize Winner


Youngest Nobel Peace Prize Winner The Nobel Prize for Peace was given jointly to two child rights campaigners from South Asia: an Indian Hindi man, Kalash Satyarthi, who helped fight for children’s rights; and a Pakistani Muslim girl who fled murder attempts and resettled in the U.K. The girl, Malala Yosafzai, is only 17 years old and is the youngest person ever to be awarded the Peace Prize. The Nobel Committee stated that the prize laureates were chosen “for their struggle against the suppression of children and young people and for the right of all children to education”.


on the front lines

Jens: Have you heard about the protests in Hong Kong?

Mark: Yes, some friends of mine are in university there. They’re on the front lines facing the police.

Explanation: The phrase “on the front lines” means that a person is directly facing an enemy, an opponent, or a problem. If they are not taking a direct role, we can say they are “on the sidelines.”



Hiroshi: My private insurance doesn’t cover drugs for my mental condition. Is there some way that I can save money on the prescriptions?

Doctor Nakamura: Yes, I can prescribe a generic equivalent of the leading drug. It will be a fraction of the price charged by the major drug companies.

Explanation: The term “generic” or “generic equivalent” means a drug that is manufactured without a large marketing campaign. The drugs are not made by well-known “big pharma” companies.


elevator speech

Dear Mr. Ibrahim:

We’ll be meeting a lot of people at the conference, and we’ll probably only have a few moments to talk with each one. We should think carefully about making an effective elevator speech.

Explanation: The phrase “elevator speech” or “elevator pitch” is a company introduction or personal introduction that is very short: you can explain it to someone in just 10-20 seconds during an elevator ride.