[131] Hiking Bridge Links Two Alpine Peaks


Hiking Bridge Links Two Alpine Peaks The peaks of two Swiss Alps have been linked by a suspension bridge that allows walkers to see 360 degrees around as well as the mountain views below. The 107-meter Peak Walk suspension bridge links the peaks of Glacier 3000 and Scex Rouge with steel cables and a thin walkway. On clear days, visitors can see the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Eiger, and Jungfrau mountains.



Cleo: How is work these days?

Wilson: Not so good. The company is not doing well this year, and my boss is always blaming me for the problems.

Cleo: I also know people at my office who play the blame game. I wish we could all work together instead of blaming one another.

Explanation: The phrase “blaming” or “blame” means to say that a problem is the fault of someone else. If two people are saying that a problem is caused by the other person, we say they are “blaming each other.”


Hollywood Heart Attack

Doctor: It seems that you had a heart attack. You’ll have to stay in the hospital overnight for more tests.

Patient: A heart attack? Are you sure? I didn’t fall down or faint.

Doctor: That’s a Hollywood Heart Attack. You might see that in the movies, but not all heart attacks are so dramatic. Sometimes a heart attack has subtle symptoms without the patient collapsing.

Explanation: The term “Hollywood Heart Attack” means a very dramatic collapse and loss of consciousness.


brand loyalty

Dear Kristen:

We need some new ideas for our advertising campaign. We have many new customers, but we need to increase brand loyalty in our existing customer base. We want our present customers to keep buying our product again and again.

Explanation: The term “brand loyalty” means that a customer repeatedly buys the same brand of product, and feels one brand is special to them.