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[244] Suspension walkway over the Alps


Suspension walkway over the Alps A giant walkway over the Alps was opened this summer, linking the Swiss mountain peaks of Zermatt and Grachen. The footbridge is almost a half kilometer in length, measuring 494m. The mountain slopes are 28 stories below the bridge. It is now ranked as the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge.

footbridge: 歩道橋
suspension bridge: つり橋


Free taxi service A company is offering free rides in a five-passenger electric vehicle in a central section of Arlington, Virginia, USA. Passengers can use the Sprynt app to request a pickup. They then ride to their destinations without paying any fee. The service is paid for by advertisers who post ads on the vehicle, inside the vehicle interactive screens, and also on the app platform. In the first month of operation the company provided rides to more than one thousand passengers.


shed some pounds (kilos).

Molly: How did your annual medical checkup go?

Vanessa: The doctor said that I should shed at least 3 pounds. So I’m thinking of joining a fitness gym, and maybe going on a new diet.

Laura: Those are all good ideas. If you want, we can go to a new vegetarian restaurant that opened near my office. They have great food, and it’s very low in fat.
Explanation: The phrase “shed” means to let something fall off. For example, a snake can shed its skin. Some animals shed their fur in the summer. And for people, we can say they “shed a few pounds” if they are measuring weight with the old British Imperial system, or “shed a few kilos” in the metric system.

shed (weight) (verb): 落とす・減量する



Doctor: Before I prescribe treatment for you, let me ask a couple of questions. Are you taking any medication, or using any contraception?

Patient: I use birth control pills. Is that a problem?

Doctor: I don’t think it will be a problem. But we need to know this information so that we can prescribe the proper drugs. We don’t want you to suffer any side effects from taking the wrong combination of meds.

Explanation: The term “contraception” means any medicines or devices used to prevent pregnancy.

contraception: 人工避妊法
“meds”: medication / medical drugs


product placement

Aly: Did you see that there was a product placement for a beer company in the latest science fiction movie?

Brett: Yes, and there was also a product placement for a brand of music headphones in the same movie. I often see product placements for headphones and music equipment in my favorite music videos.

Explanation: The phrase “product placement” means that a company product appears in media such as film, or TV show, or music video. Common product placement items are champagne brands, cars, headphones, and wristwatches.

product placement: 編集仕込み・広告主の商品を使う間接的宣伝