[175] New Stadium Design for 2020 Tokyo Olympics?


New Stadium Design for 2020 Tokyo Olympics? The main 2020 Olympic stadium designed by Zaha Hadid has gone far over budget, to a price of 2 billion dollars. The figure was more than double the original estimate. Japan was planning to use the stadium for both the 2019 Rugby World Cup and the 2020 Summer Olympic Games and Paralympics, but now planners are looking for a new design with a cheaper price tag.

go over budget: 足が出る
price tag: 値札・正札


off the radar/below the radar

Amanda: Did you see the new hiking shoes I just bought?

Ashton: Yes, they look strong and rugged, but I’ve never heard of that shoe brand.

Amanda: It’s a new brand that is still off the radar. I think it will take a couple of years before people start to notice it and keep track of their new products.

Explanation: When something is not noticed by people, we can say that it’s “off the radar,” “under the radar” or “below the radar.”It is like saying that something is too small to be noticed or covered in the media.

radar: レーダー


right to die

Nurse Anderson: We have a terminally ill patient who is in great pain and is requesting the right to die. What is the hospital’s policy in such as case?

Doctor Walsh: The current national law does not allow assisted suicides from the medical community. So we cannot take any action in a right to die request. Currently only Switzerland and the Netherlands have such right to die provisions in the law.

Explanation: The term “right to die” means the right by the patient to decide their own death. This issue is often related to terminally ill patients who do not want to suffer any longer. The right to die is also called “passive suicide” or “doctor-assisted suicide.”

Assisted suicide (noun): 自殺関与・同意殺人罪


get/give a green light

Dear Rick:

I have good news for you! The company director gave the green light for your budget request to attend the conference in Brazil. Go ahead and buy the air ticket for Rio de Janeiro!

Explanation: To “get a green light” is to get approval for a request. It is the same as a traffic light turning green to indicate that the driver can go forward.

green light (noun): ゴーサイン ・青信号