[141] Schools in Beijing using air domes


Schools in Beijing using air domes Several international schools in China’s capital Beijing have installed large pressurized domes on the school grounds in order to allow children to play in smog-free conditions. One school has built a soft dome that is the size of six football fields. The main building has 200 ceiling-mounted air filters to fight air pollution. In preparation for the recent Apec meeting of World leaders, traffic was restricted, offices were closed, and factories within 200km of Beijing were shut down, helping to clear the air and create the term “Apec Blue” for the rare color of the sky during the conference.


it runs on time

Peter: I’m coming for the sports match, but I’m not sure what train to take from the airport to meet you downtown. I’m afraid that I might be late.

Robert: Don’t worry about getting from the airport to the city center. There is a very good commuter train that you can take. It’s very clean and it runs on time.

Explanation: The phrase “it runs on time” means that the transportation is punctual and goes according to the listed schedule.


ethics committee

Doctor Kim: We want to do a study of the new antidepressant drug on large primate animals.

Doctor Hall: We will have to submit that study proposal to the ethics committee, and prove that there is a specific benefit to the test, as well as proving that the animals were not harmed unnecessarily.

Explanation: An ethics committee is a group in a research organization or a government that judges whether a proposal follows basic guidelines for the safety of the public and the clinical trial subjects.


the project is on hold

Mrs. Cooper:

We want to buy the new office furniture, but the accounting office has told us that our company doesn’t have any money this month. So the project is on hold until next month. I’ll call you in a few weeks to give you an update.

Explanation: The term “on hold” means that an ideas or proposal has been stopped until later, like putting a caller ‘on hold‘ during a telephone call.