[204] Obama is first U.S. President to visit atomic bombing site


Obama is first U.S. President to visit atomic bombing site Seventy one years after the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, American President Barack Obama laid a wreath in front of the cenotaph and gave a speech in front of 100 guests. The president used one 747 airplane, two helicopters, four MV22 Osprey aircraft, and more than 10 automobiles to make the trip from the G7 summit in Mie to the southern city of Hiroshima. Many of the surviving hibakushya have already died or were too frail to attend the event. The public was barred from entering the Peace Park during his visit.

wreath (noun): 花輪
cenotaph (noun): 慰霊碑
frail (adjective): か弱い・弱々しい
bar/barred (verb): 締め出す・差し止める


A microbrewery in the U.S. has designed biodegradable six-pack beer rings. The usual plastic rings that hold together six aluminum cans are a hazard to sea animals that mistake the plastic for food, or get trapped in the plastic. The new six-pack rings are made of biodegradable wheat and barley byproducts. The material can be safely eaten by animals, and will break apart in water without polluting the oceans.

byproducts (noun): 副生
six pack (noun): 6缶パック


it’s within walking distance

Atticus: We have to meet Mr. Sanchez at his office lobby in 90 minutes. Should we take a taxi?

Nakamura-san: We don’t need to pay for a taxi. His office is within walking distance, the weather is fine, and we have plenty of time, so let’s just walk there.

Explanation: The phrase “it’s within walking distance” means that a place is close enough to reach by walking instead of using cars or trains or other vehicles.

it’s within walking distance: 歩いている距離


conflict of interest

Mr. Russell: My company is supplying a highly effective drug for hypertension. I want to take you and your staff to dinner at a nice restaurant and explain the details.

Doctor Peterson: I’m afraid I can’t do that. It would be a conflict of interest to accept favors, services or gifts from a pharmaceutical company. I will read about your drug in the scientific literature and contact you if I have any questions.

Explanation: A “conflict of interest” happens when an action is against professional ethics. For example, it would be a conflict of interest for a politician to accept gifts from an automobile company just before voting on a new automobile safety law.

conflict of interest (noun): 利益相反行為
scientific literature (noun): 科学文献



Hello Bradley:

I need your help. One of our new suppliers keeps charging extra fees for the packing materials. The contract lists the price that was agreed last week, but they keep trying charge us more money. We should stop working with such underhanded companies. Can you look for another company to supply our packing materials?

Explanation: A company that is “underhanded” is doing something that is not honest. They might be lying, or they might be charging fees that were not agreed.

underhanded: 汚い手を使う・後ろ暗い
packing materials: 梱包・缶詰
dishonest: 狡い