[170] Ebola defeated in Africa?


Ebola defeated in Africa? Epidemiologists have rushed a new Ebola vaccine to West Africa, and initial results show that the Ebola virus can be stopped with very few side effects. Doctors working with the World Health Organization, Doctors Without Borders, and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health are pushing a program of “ring” vaccinating everyone in the surrounding villages when an outbreak occurs. The vaccine has already been given to 1,200 health care workers in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. So far 11,000 people have died from the virus in the past couple years, but the new vaccine shows a more than 90% efficacy.

efficacy: 効力・奏効


he changed his tune

John: Did your son get into the elite music school that he wanted to join?

Marilyn: No, he was talking about joining the school for years, but when he realized that the school is far away from his girlfriend’s college, he suddenly changed his tune.

Explanation: When someone has “changed their tune” it means that they have changed the way that they are thinking and talking. It is like a musician suddenly stopping a song and playing a different kind of musical tune.

tune: 調子・音調



Patient: Should I continue my athletic training even though I sprained my ankle?

Doctor Byrne: I know that you want to get back into training, but it could aggravate your injury. I think that you should wait for two more weeks, and then start with some light exercise.

Explanation: To “aggravate” means to make something worse. Excessive movement can aggravate a muscle injury.

aggravate: 拗らせる・咎める



Dear Irene:

We have 219 people who said they are coming to the opening party of our new store, but we only have the names of 217 people on the guest list. Can you double-check the list and find out why we are missing two names?

Explanation: When we ask someone to “double-check” a list or a chart, it means that we want them to look again and correct any errors.

double-check: 再度確認