[171] Can Tesla cars go Osaka-Tokyo without recharging?


Can Tesla cars go Osaka-Tokyo without recharging? The new all-electric Tesla cars are gaining in popularity, offering clean-air transportation, sports-car acceleration, and plenty of storage space. The cars can go from Nagoya to Tokyo, or with some models even Osaka-Tokyo without stopping to recharge the batteries. The cars can be charged at “charging stations” around Japan, or at private residences.

recharge: 充電


it went viral!

Emily: Do you remember the video that I posted on Youtube of my cat wearing sunglasses and eating donuts?

Andrew: Yes. What happened with that?

Emily: Well, this week it went viral! Thousands and thousands of people started to share it with their friends, and now more than five million people have watched it. I can’t believe it!

Explanation: When we say that something “went viral” or “has gone viral” it means that it has spread in popularity, like a virus spreading in society.

viral: バイラルCM


it runs in the family

Patient: I’m worried because my mother and my aunt both had thyroid cancer at an early age.

Doctor Westfield: It seems that thyroid cancer runs in the family, but we have to run some tests before we can say that for certain.

Explanation: To “run in the family” means that an illness or a trait is common in a family, or that a disease is inherited from the older generations to the younger generations.

runs in the family: 遺伝性・遺伝的



Dear Joseph:

There have been many cases lately of hackers gaining access to personal information on computer networks. We need to make our data secure in order to protect against criminals hacking into our system. Our client information needs to be kept confidential.

Explanation: When someone has “hacked into” a system, or is “hacking” company files, it means that someone is getting information illegally through the computer network.

hacking: 不正アクセス ・ハッキング
confidential: 直披・機密情報