[177] New long-haul flights from Qantas and Emirates


New long-haul flights from Qantas and Emirates The record for World’s longest regular passenger flight might change next year, according Dubai’s Emirates Airlines. The current longest flight in the World is the Qantas-operated flight from Dallas to Sydney, taking almost 17 hours. Next year Emirates plans to initiate a flight from Dubai to Panama that will link the Middle East and Central America with a 17-hour, 35-minute flight.

initiate: 始める


natural resources

Hitomi: I’m thinking about buying an all-electric car so that I can save money on gasoline and oil.

Tariq: That’s a good idea. It’s not only good for your wallet, but it’s also good for saving our natural resources. We need to conserve energy and save the planet from global heating.

Explanation: The natural elements and substances on the planet such as water, soil, oil, metals, grains, and various chemicals are called “natural resources.”

natural resources (noun): 自然資源
conserve (verb): 詰める


distilled water

Patient: Can I use regular tap water for this medical breathing device?

Doctor: No, regular tap water might leave behind calcium that could damage the device. It is best to use distilled water, or purified water. This well help to keep the device clean and in good working order.

Explanation: “distilled water” is water that doesn’t contain any minerals or additives. It is usually made by boiling water into steam and then collecting the water when it cools, or through electrolysis.

distilled water (noun): 蒸留水
tap water (noun): 水道の水
calcium (noun): カルシウム
electrolysis (noun): 電気分解


raise an issue / raise a question

Hello Jeremy:

Our director wants to release the new large-screen phone, but the battery only has enough power to last for 5 hours. The battery used by our competitor lasts for 36 hours. We need to raise the question at the next engineering meeting.

Explanation: To “raise a question” or “raise an issue” means to ask something or start discussion on a subject. The verb “raise” can be used in many situations.

raise (an issue) (verb): 持ち出す