[203] Bicycle mayor for Amsterdam


Bicycle mayor for Amsterdam The largest city in the Netherlands, Amsterdam, is now accepting applications for a new “Bicycle Mayor” responsible for promoting bicycle transportation in the city. Amsterdam has an estimated 800,000 bicycles. The city already has a “Night Mayor” who promotes evening entertainment. Amsterdam and Denmark’s capital of Copenhagen are frequently ranked as the World’s two most bicycle-friendly cities.

mayor (noun): 市長
accepting applications: 受付中


Samsung combines mirrors and screen menus Korean tech innovator Samsung has developed a large screen that can be used as both a store menu and a large wall mirror. Several hair salons in South Korea are using the devices as mirrors that simultaneously display price information and salon services.

simultaneously (adjective): 一時に・同時に


it’s easier said than done

Henry: I hate traveling in narrow airplane seats. The next time that I fly in a plane, I want to get a first class ticket so that I can have a wide seat and drink champagne during the flight.

Mr. Nakayama: Well, it’s easier said than done. You will have to pay four times the price of the normal ticket. It might cost you 300,000Yen just to go to Hawaii and back.

Explanation: The phrase “it’s easier said than done” means that it is easy to say that you want to do something, but it is hard to actually do it.

it’s easier said than done: 言うは易く行うは難し・口では大阪の城も建つ


topical treatment

Mr. Jackson: Are you going to give me pills to take for my dermatitis? Sometimes I have trouble taking them.

Doctor Bailey : You won’t need to take any pills. I’ll prescribe a topical treatment that you can just rub on the skin. You won’t need to take any medication internally.

Explanation: A “topical treatment” is a medicine that is applied to the skin instead of being taken into the body.

topical treatment (noun): 外用薬
dermatitis (noun): 皮膚炎


get a refund

Hello Ryosuke:

Some of our online store customers have ordered work uniforms, but they complained that they were the wrong size. Please inform those customers that they can get a refund if they send back the original uniform in good condition.

Explanation: To “get a refund” means that the customer returns the product, and gets their money back. Some customers can also get a refund if a flight is cancelled, or if an outdoor sports event is cancelled, etc.

get a refund: 還府金・払い戻し