[124] Windmills and lighthouses for rent to tourists


Windmills and lighthouses for rent to tourists Travel agencies and hotel booking agents are getting more creative with their lodgings. Some booking agents such as AirBnB are now offering unusual dwellings for rent, such as a lighthouse on the Australian coast, a remodeled windmill in France, and a 1,500-year-old stone abbey in a small town in Ireland. The lighthouse and the windmill can be rented by couples or small families, while the abbey can be used for weddings and company conferences of up to 70 people.


change of scenery

Hitomi: I’m sick and tired of just going to work, talking with the same coworkers, eating lunch at the same place, and going back to the same old house.

Cooper: This weekend let me take you out of the city. We can spend the day at an outdoor barbeque. You really need a change of scenery.

Explanation: The phrase “you need a change of scenery” means that the person needs a change from their daily routine and actions. They need some fresh ideas in their lives.



Patient: I’ve gained weight over the past year, and now I feel tired all day long. What do you think is the reason for that?

Doctor: We should test you for sleep apnea. There are many comorbidities associated with weight gain and breathing patterns. If you have trouble breathing in your sleep, you may feel tired throughout the day.

Explanation: The word “apnea” is from ancient Greek, meaning lack of breathing. If there is some abnormality in breathing, it can be called “dyspnea”.


click and mortar

Dear Gabriella:

Our business has 80% of its sales over the internet, but we still need to expand our “brick and mortar” stores so people can come in for repairs and new product launches. We need to have a “click and mortar” approach.

Explanation: The phrase “click and mortar” has evolved from the phrase “brick and mortar” which meant having a physical shop for selling things. Now people can “click” on the mouse but also visit a “mortar” shop, so we say “click and mortar.”