[208] Britain will…..Brexit


Britain will…..Brexit In a public referendum on June 23rd, Britain voted to leave the European Union. The “Brexit” vote was by a very narrow margin, with roughly 52% voting “Brexit” and 48% voting “Bremain.” People who voted for Brexit wanted complete independence for their country’s economic and political decisions.

referendum: 一般投票
narrow margin: 僅差


Nose filters A U.S. company has created adhesive nose filters that are intended to replace full-face masks for hospital workers, construction workers, hay fever sufferers, and citizens of desert cities. The company has created small filters with adhesive tape, similar to adhesive bandages, that cover the nostrils but allow the wearer to breathe. The filter blocks pollen and other allergens from entering the nose and sinus cavities. The company points out that most viruses and other infections occur in the sinus cavities, not in the mouth.

sinus cavities (noun): 洞腔内
adhesive / adhesive bandage: 絆創膏


it doesn’t make sense

Jun: I want to take my computer with me on our vacation so that I can do my work from the beach, or from the hotel room.

Hitomi: How can you say that you want to go on vacation, and then say that you want to do work? The whole point of a vacation is to get away from the pressure of work. It doesn’t make sense to do work while we’re on vacation.

Explanation: The phrase “it doesn’t make sense” means that the idea is not clear, or is confusing. It can also mean that the idea is silly.

make sense (verb): 理にかなう



Mr. Johnson: I was in a motorcycle accident a few hours ago. I thought I was fine, but now I have swelling on my left side and I feel a lot of pain.

Doctor Taylor: Yes, I checked the X-ray that you had in the emergency room. I’m afraid that one of your ribs is badly fractured. We’ll have to put you in a brace, and you might require surgery.

Explanation: A “fracture” means a break in the bone. A hairline fracture is a thin crack in the bone. A compound fracture is when the bone breaks and the sharp part of the bone cuts through the skin and is visible outside of the body.

fracture: 骨折


enforce the rules/
follow the rules

Hello Andy:

As you know, we should have fire extinguishers on every floor of the building, and every manager has to have fire response training. But some of the office extinguishers are very old, and they are missing on some of the floors. We have to enforce the rules. Make sure that all of the fire extinguishers are in the correct place, and in proper working order. If any of the extinguishers are too old, please replace them as soon as possible.

Explanation: The term “enforce the rules” means to tell everyone to follow the rules, and to check that they are actually being followed.

enforce a rule/enforcement: 強行・実施