[207] U.K. to decide on exit from European Union


U.K. to decide on exit from European Union Voters will decide on June 23rd to remain in the European Union or to exit the economic block. The media has called the vote “Brexit or Bremain” for the words “Britain-exit” and “Britain-remain.” A 41-year old member of parliament was shot and stabbed to death during the campaign. Jo Cox died after being attacked in the street near a conference area where she frequently met with voters.


Complete eradication of Guinea Worm? Guinea Worm infections have dropped drastically from millions of victims in the 1980s to only 22 in year 2015. The Guinea Worm is a parasite that lodges inside the human body and causes great pain and open sores. It is transmitted through larvae in infected drinking water. It commonly exists in tropical areas of Africa and India. A health initiative headed by former U.S. president Jimmy Carter is working hard to completely eradicate the worm. The key to the program is public education about water sanitation.

Guinea Worm (noun): メジナ虫・メジナちゅう
eradicate (verb): 退治る


natural resources

Lillian: My sister has bought a motorboat, and we have gone out on the lake several times on the weekends. I’m thinking of getting a boat myself. But I don’t want to use a heavy engine that consumes fuel and uses oil. The engine also makes a lot of noise and produces a lot of air pollution.

Nolan: You’re right. We need to preserve our natural resources so that we don’t run out of simple things like water and clean air. Why don’t you get a sailboat instead? That way you can go sailing without causing any pollution.

Explanation: The phrase “natural resources” means the natural things that we often use, such as water, wood, fossil fuels, clean air, etc.

Natural resources (noun): 天然資源・自然資源



Mr. Williams: My toes itch very badly, and the skin is peeling. Why is this happening?

Doctor Jones: It is probably due to a fungal infection. It is common among people who exercise regularly and go to public pools. I can prescribe some antifungal medicine. You should feel better within 10 to 15 days.

Explanation: An “antifungal” medicine is medicine that kills a type of plant that sometimes grows microscopically on the skin. A fungus can be a disease for humans, or it can be a type of mushroom growing in a forest.

fungus: 菌類
antifungal: 抗真菌・抗真菌薬


according to plan

Hello Jenna:

We have almost finished hiring the new sales staff for our new shop in Houston. Everything is going according to plan. Can you come for the grand opening in November?

Explanation: The term “according to plan” means that everything is happening the way that the management wanted it to happen. There are no major problems or changes.

according to plan: 狙い通り・最初計画で