[211] Solar airplane to complete round-the-world flight


Solar airplane to complete round-the-world flight The solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse 2 has arrived in Cairo, Egypt on the second-last leg of a round-the-world journey. The Swiss-built, zero-fuel aircraft has the wingspan of a 747 but the weight of a normal passenger car. The plane started from Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. in 2015, flew across Asia, landed in Nagoya, Japan, and then crossed the Pacific Ocean via Hawaii, then over North America. It landed in Spain last week, and crossed the Mediterranean to Cairo. In a few days the airplane is expected to fly to Abu Dhabi, completing the round-the-world project. Updates can be found on www.solarimpulse.com

final leg (noun): 終盤
wingspan (noun): 翼幅


Theranos blood testing lab C.E.O. Elizabeth Holmes has been banned by the U.S. government from operating blood testing labs in the U.S. for the next two years. The company was also told to pay financial fines for not properly disclosing the accuracy levels of its testing equipment. The punitive measures include a ban on Medicaid/Medicare health insurance payments to Theranos. The company has many famous American politicians and military leaders on its advisory board, including Henry Kissinger, George Schultz, former U.S. Navy Admiral Gary Roughead, and former CDC director Dr. Wiliam H. Foege.

fines (noun): 罰金
disclose (verb): 露出
|U.S. CDC (noun): 疾病対策センター


simmer down

Laura: I’m so mad at my sister. We were supposed to go to a beach resort this weekend, but she cancelled at the last minute, and now I have to pay a cancellation fee to the resort. It’s so unfair!

Lindsey: Just simmer down for a moment. Why don’t you ask some of your friends if they want to join you at the resort? That way you can still enjoy your weekend and you won’t have to lose any money.

Explanation: The phrase “simmer down” means to cool down after becoming angry. The original meaning is to warm foods or liquids without boiling them. When we tell a person to simmer down, we mean that they should keep their anger under the boiling point.

simmer down (verb phrase): 弱火・落着ける・静まる
boiling point (noun): 沸点



Mr. Thompson: Do I really have to take these capsules every day? They make me thirsty, and I hate the taste.

Dr. White: Yes, you really have to take the medicine regularly. There can be serious problems resulting from non-adherence to the treatment program.

Explanation: The term “non-adherence” is used when a patient ignores the treatment or fails to take the medicine at proper times.

non-adherence : 非固守・ 不遵守


show him around the factory

Hello Mr. Martin:

One of our top shareholders is going to visit the company next Thursday afternoon. I need you to have two or three polite and experienced staff members available to show him around the factory. They should set a specific tour route, and they should also be ready to answer any technical questions.

Explanation: The term “show (someone) around” means to take someone on a tour of an area and entertain them during their visit. You might “show the visiting client around the office,” or “show your friend around the neighborhood.”

show (someone) around: あちこちに案内する・工場を案内して(みせる)