[215] Jamaican runner Usain Bolt


Jamaican runner Usain Bolt has won an amazing 9 medals at the Olympic Games: 3 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 3 in Beijing in 2008; and 3 in London in 2012. The news media gave him the name “immortal,” with the meaning that his performances at three Olympic Games will be remembered forever. Bolt said that he wanted to be in the class of athletes such as “Ali and Pele’ .”

immortal: 永遠の・不滅の


The Hyperloop transport system planned by billionaire investor Elon Musk may be moved from California to Dubai. Musk is a developer of PayPal internet payment systems, Tesla automobiles, SpaceX transport, and the SolarCity energy company, as well as the Hyperloop One company. Hyperloop One recently signed an agreement with Dubai’s DP port management company to develop the magnetic-levitation, vacuum-tube transportation system for passengers and freight in Dubai. There are also feasibility studies underway for Hyperloop routes in Los Angeles, and Long Beach, California.

Hyperloop (noun): ハイパーループ次世代交通システム



Charles: Are you coming to the company bicycle race on Saturday?

Hudson: No, there was a software problem with our computers, and I had to stay in the office overnight until the problem was fixed. Now I’m exhausted. I need to stay inside Saturday and catch up on my sleep.

Explanation: When a person does something “overnight” it means that they worked from the evening until the next morning without going home to sleep. We can say “Yamada-san worked overnight at his office to complete the project,” or “We took an overnight flight over Siberia to Europe,” or “We stayed at the dance club overnight and came home in the morning.”

overnight : 一夜・一夜漬け



Dr. Lopez: Have you heard about the scandal with inadequately sterilized endoscopy tubes? It seems that several people have died from infections transmitted by the equipment.

Dr. White: Yes, I have read about that in several medical journals, and in the daily press. We need to review our sterilization procedures and be very careful to completely sterilize the equipment.

Explanation: The term “sterilize” is a verb that means to completely kill any living bacteria or disease. The noun for sterilizing an object is called “sterilization” and the adjective form is “sterile,” as in “Please place sterile gauze over the wound.”

sterilize (verb): 殺菌する
sterilization (noun): 殺菌・消毒
sterile (adjective): 殺菌した


rush order

Hello Mr. Ree:

We need to buy new drying machines for the towels at our new hair salon. We need to dry more than 100 towels every day. I need you to contact the dryer company and place a rush order so we can get three machines in our salon. We can’t waste any time. Please contact them today, and get the machines in the salon by Friday.

Explanation: A “rush order” means to finish delivering a product or service faster than normal. We can use the phrase for ordering items via the internet, for manufacturing parts, or for orders in a restaurant.

rush order: 急ぎの注文