[234] Trump bans travellers from 7 Muslim countries


Trump bans travellers from 7 Muslim countries In his first month as President of the U.S., Donald Trump has signed an order banning for 90 days any visitors from seven predominantly Muslim countries: Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Sudan. Even travellers with valid U.S. visas are also blocked under the sudden ban. It includes dual nationals, such as Canadian-Somali dual passport holders. A Ph.D. student at Stanford University with a U.S. immigration green card was detained and interrogated for six hours, and her social media accounts checked by police, before she was released. Refugees are banned for the next 120 days. More than 200 employees at Google in the U.S. were facing travel bans under the new order, and lawyers are filing law suits against the U.S. Government.

detain (verb): 留め置く・捕まる
interrogate (verb): 尋問する


Therapy Dogs a growing trend in hospital care Psychologists take trained, vaccinated dogs on rounds to lift the spirits of patients in long-term clinical care. Researchers have found that the presence of a therapy dog helps stimulate mood-improving chemicals such as oxytocin. Therapy dogs are different from service dogs. The service dogs help physically disabled patients complete simple tasks inside the home, such as bringing a pillow or towel. Therapy dogs are usually smaller dogs that provide mostly psychological encouragement. Some school districts in the U.S. have allowed therapy dogs to accompany children who have learning or social disabilities such as autism.

service dog: 介助犬
therapy dog: 癒し犬



Megan: How was the R&B concert last night?

Todd: It was great! The brass band and the guitarists were really energetic, and the lead singer was very charismatic. He had the whole crowd clapping and cheering.

Explanation: The word “charismatic” comes from “charisma” which means to have a strong personal power. Many singers, actors and politicians have charismatic personalities.

charismatic (adjective): カリスマチック


drug lag

Lindsey: I heard that there is a new drug available that’s good for treatment of hypertension. Is it available in Japan?

Doctor Sakamoto: That drug is available in the U.S. and Canada, but it isn’t available in Japan yet. We always have to deal with the Japanese drug lag. The Japanese Ministry of Health often waits until drugs are already approved in other industrialized countries before granting approval here.

Explanation: The phrase “drug lag” means the added time that is needed for a drug to be approved in Japan, compared to other industrialized companies such as the U.S. or Germany. The word “lag” refers to lost time, or falling last in a race.

drug lag: ドラッグ・ラグ問題


rust belt

Hello Molly:

We need to find a new location for our Detroit factory. The economies in the rust belt have been declining for more than 40 years, and it’s hard to find skilled workers in the region. I think we should look for a new factory site in the Southwest.

Explanation: The phrase “rust belt” means the Midwestern and central states in the U.S. such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois. These states had many automotive-related factories in 20th Century, but their economies have been declining since the 1970s. Many rust belt cities such as Detroit and Pittsburgh have seen their populations decline drastically.

rust belt: 斜陽工業地帯