[217] Virgin Airways CEO Branson injured in bicycle accident


Virgin Airways CEO Branson injured in bicycle accident Billionaire businessman Richard Branson was injured while cycling at night in the British Virgin Islands. Branson is an active sportsman and has often engaged in dangerous adventures such as travelling around the world in a hot air balloon. In the latest incident, he hit a bump in the road while cycling downhill in the dark and lost control of the bike. The 66-year-old adventurer said that his helmet protected him from serious injury. Photos showed him with major bruises and bleeding on his cheek and shoulder.

British Virgin Islands: イギリス領ヴァージン諸島


Woman killed by driver playing Pokemon Go Japanese truck driver Keiji Goo killed one woman pedestrian and severely injured another because he was playing Pokemon Go while driving, according to news reports. The driver was taken into custody in Tokushima and admitted to playing the game while operating the truck. In the first month after the release of the Pokemon Go mobile phone game, there have been 79 traffic accidents in Japan related to the game. Authorities are warning people not to play the game while driving or while walking through train stations or other areas where vehicles are moving.


red eye flight

Riley: Did you finalize your plans to go to India?

Carson: Yes, I found a very cheap ticket, but it’s on a red eye flight that leaves at 1:00 in the morning and arrives at noon. I’m going to be exhausted by the time I arrive at the hotel.

Explanation: When a flight leaves very late at night, we call it a “red eye flight” because the people onboard have red eyes from working all day and then going to the airport at night. Such flights are usually cheaper than daytime flights, but they might arrive at the destination in the morning, before the hotels are ready for guest check-in. This means the travellers might have to spend the first morning without getting into a hotel.

red eye flight: 夜間フライト


pre-existing conditions

Patient: I’m thinking of changing my health insurance plan, but I’m afraid that I will have to pay more money.

Dr. Yong: Yes, you might have to pay more money, and you have to remember that many insurance policies will not cover pre-existing conditions. This is why many people are afraid to switch to a new insurance company.

Explanation: The phrase “pre-existing conditions” means any illness that started before the person signed a new insurance policy. Many private insurance companies in the U.S. do not cover new clients who have pre-existing conditions. Therefore it is very hard for a patient to change to a new health insurance policy.

pre-existing conditions: 先在している状況
insurance policy: 保険証券


tie up some loose ends

Hello Mr. Hays:

I know that we have an office party scheduled for tonight, but I have to tie up some loose ends in the office before I can leave. I’ll try to make it to the party a bit later.

Explanation: To “tie up some loose ends” means to finish some small tasks. It is like tying the end of string that is loose on a shirt or sweater.

tie up loose ends: 残っているこまごました事柄を片づける