[62] Medical professionals in technologically advanced zones of the world


Medical professionals in technologically advanced zones of the world are finding more and more medical-based mobile-phone-based applications. Many new English-language apps are targeted towards helping doctors diagnose patients and provide proper medications. MedCalc, an application which assists doctors in finding the right dosage for various medicines, can be used while doctors are making the rounds with their patients, or in emergency room situations. Evernote is a program that helps professionals store information that they come across from other sources. An application called ePocrates helps look up drug dosages, while Qx Calculate is used for making risk profiles for a list of patients that a doctor is treating.


In the black

Christopher: How is your husband’s new health food store going? Is he making money?

Gabriella: Well, he was losing money last summer, but now he’s in the black.

Explanation: When a person or a business is “in the black” it means that they are making money and paying for all of their expenses. If they are losing money, we say they are “in the red.”


tox screen

Paramedic: We have a patient who is suffering from some kind of drug overdose. They’re unconscious and we can’t get any information.

Doctor Yoshiyama: Let’s do a tox screen and find out what kind of drug it is.

Explanation: A “tox screen” or “toxic screening test” is a blood test that is used to identify toxins and drugs in the patient’s system. It can be used in cases of poisoning or drug abuse.


get your ducks in a row

Dear Kylie:

We have a meeting on the new advertising plan next Wednesday. You need to organize the staff, prepare the presentation and make a budget. Can you get your ducks in a row by Tuesday afternoon?

Explanation: To “get your ducks in a row” means to get organized and make all necessary plans.