[78]The planned opening of the newly-completed Hamad International Airport in Doha


The planned opening of the newly-completed Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar has been delayed due to problems with security systems. The buildings have been completed but the management has not completed all of their quality control procedures. When the airport is cleared for operation, it is expected to have a traffic capacity of 28 million passengers per year. The Arabian Peninsula has been emerging as a key air transport hub, and Qatar has been investing heavily in tourism development including airport facilities, large hotels, and convention centers.


smooth sailing

Lars: Why are you working on Saturdays and Sundays?

Bruce: Well, one of our staff members quit, so we had to cover for him. But we have a new person coming in on Monday, so it should be smooth sailing from next week.

Explanation: The phrase “smooth sailing” means a calm situation without any troubles. It is similar to a sailboat moving in calm waters without any high waves.


heavily sedated

Tony: Can I talk with my grandmother now?

Dr. Lopez: She won’t be able to communicate with you. She is heavily sedated. You will have to wait for a couple of days.

Explanation: The phrase “heavily sedated” means that a patient has been given strong drugs so that they don’t feel any pain, and to keep them from moving too much.


don’t procrastinate

Dear Dominic:

I know that you have a lot of work this week, but we really need you to send us the accounting reports. Please don’t procrastinate. Can you try to finish the reports today?

Explanation: To procrastinate means to keep postponing a task until the next day, and again the next day, and on and on. We usually procrastinate with tasks that we don’t enjoy.