[97] Chinese Travel Etiquette


Chinese Travel Etiquette: China’s official National Tourism Administration has released a handbook on travel etiquette for the growing number of affluent Chinese travelers who are visiting countries around the globe. The authorities acted after a series of embarrassments caused by travelers who showed little understanding of other cultures or cosmopolitan city customs. Authorities stepped in and provided a series of tips in a friendly handbook. Among the tips are warnings not to take airplane life jackets from the plane as gifts; not to call Africans “negros;” and not to pick your teeth with your fingers in public.


pain in the neck

Nancy: Did you buy the new car you wanted?

Carolyn: Yes! It’s a great car, but now I have to fill out the insurance forms, pay the taxes, and apply for license plates. It’s all a big pain in the neck.

Explanation: When something is very difficult and annoying, like filling out government forms or bank papers, we say that it is “a pain in the neck.”


multiple lines

Mrs. Berry: Can I see my friend after the surgery is finished?

Doctor Abdul: When we finish surgery, we’ll have your friend in intensive care with have multiple lines hooked up to his body. I’m afraid that you won’t be able to go in the room. You will have to wait a few days before you can visit him.

Explanation: The expression “multiple lines” means the many tubes and cables that are connected to the patient during serious medical procedures. Sometimes these lines can become tangled or disconnected, so it is important for medical staff to pay attention to them, and for visitors to be kept at a distance until the patient is stable.


impressive credentials

Dear Edward:

I think that we should hire Susan. She is ready to work for us, she has very strong experience, and she has very impressive credentials.

Explanation: When we say that someone has impressive credentials, it means that they have very strong capabilities, skills, and a great deal of experience. They have many achievements to their credit.