[125] Air France and KLM flights in danger of delay


Air France and KLM flights in danger of delay Travelers with tickets on the two airlines may face lengthy delays through the middle of September, as a labor dispute between the airlines and the pilots’ unions drag on. News reports suggested that some 85,000 passengers might receive email notices of flight delays in the coming days. As many as 60% of the flights could face cancellation, with 3,800 pilots protesting for fair wages.


reach out

Charlotte: I haven’t heard from Wayne in months. I heard that his grandfather died recently, and he was having a hard time with his job.

Brody: Why don’t you reach out to him and give him a call? You could invite him to join us at the picnic next weekend.

Explanation: The phrase “reach out” means to make an effort to contact someone, or to actively try to help them when they are having some kind of trouble. It is similar to extending a hand to help someone.


regular monitoring

Patient: Now that my surgery is finished, can I go home and forget about the medication?

Doctor Hudson: No, you need to keep taking the medication, and you need to come back every week for regular monitoring. We need to keep checking your blood to make sure that your health is improving.

Explanation: The phrase “regular monitoring” means to check on the patient repeatedly over the course of several days, weeks, or months.


C-suite clients

Dear Wyatt:

We have a group of C-suite clients coming to the office this afternoon. Make sure that you’re dressed properly, and that the conference room is clean and professional-looking. We also plenty of drinks and snacks on hand.

Explanation: The phrase “C-suite” means the top professionals in a company. The letter “C” is used because the top executives have titles starting with “C”, such as Chief Executive Officer (CEO); Chief Operating Officer (COO); and Chief Technology Officer (CTO).