[160] London and Bangkok are top destinations for 2015


London and Bangkok are top destinations for 2015 More than 18 million travellers are expected to visit London and Bangkok each, as they are expected to be the World’s top travel destinations. Paris comes in third place, with just over 16 million expected visitors, and Dubai reached fourth with over 14 million expected travellers. The fastest-increasing travel destination city is Columbo, Sri Lanka, with 21% growth since 2009.


wound up

Lars: My boss made me work late every day this week. And he has been making so many demands on me and everyone else in the office.

Megan: You sound really wound up about your problems at work. I think you need to take a warm bath and go to bed early. It will help you to unwind.

Explanation: The phrase “wound up” comes from the past tense of the verb “wind” or “wind up.” The first three letters are pronounced like the word “wine.” The past tense is “wound.” The first three letters of “wound” are pronounced like “wow.” To wind something up means to increase the tension on a spring by winding it. It is the same idea as winding up an old wristwatch. It means that a person has high stress and is not able to relax.

wind up : 巻く


fitness monitors

Nurse: Have you heard about the new fitness monitors that you wear on your wrist? They look like wristwatches, but actually they monitor and store health data, like your heart rate and how many calories you burn when jogging.

Doctor: Yes, my children wear them at the fitness gym to store the data of their exercise programs. But I think a monitor might be more useful for my mother, who has an irregular heartbeat and diabetes. She needs to monitor data for her heartbeat and blood sugar levels.

Explanation: A “fitness monitor” is a device that stores information about a person’s physical data and health. Common fitness monitors can track heart rate, blood pressure, glucose levels, distance walked, calories burned, pulse-oxygen levels, and other information. The word “monitor” can be used as noun or as a verb.


bear in mind

Dear Paula:

When you talk with the new director of Human Resources tomorrow, please bear in mind that the budget for hiring will not be increased until next year. So if you make any suggestions for new employees, you will have to wait until after January, or maybe until after the new fiscal year in April.

Explanation: “bear in mind” can also be expressed as “keep in mind…” or “please remember.” It means to keep an idea in your thoughts, or to remember an important point.

Human Resources: ヒューマンリソース ・人材開発
bear in mind: 心に留める
fiscal year: 会計年度