[237] Across the Atlantic for less than 100$?


Across the Atlantic for less than 100$? Norwegian Airlines has a strategy of using new compact Boeing 737 Max aircraft to fly from European cities to small airports in the U.S. It will offer a service from Edinburgh, Scotland to Stewart Airport in New York State, with many of tickets priced under 100$. Other flights for under 100$ will link 3 Irish airports to the U.S. city of Providence, Rhode Island. The 737 aircraft interior features a single center aisle, with 2-2 seating or 3-3 seating. The aircraft is more quiet that older models, and has distinctive split tip winglets that increase fuel efficiency.


Automotive airbag maker Takada has been ordered by a court to pay one billion dollars to compensate victims who were killed or injured in incidents related to improper inflation of its devices. The Japanese auto air bag company may have installed roughly 70,000,000 airbags that had faulty inflation equipment.



Joyce: Did you call Allie about the new soccer team practice schedule?

Brandon: I did, but in the middle of the conversation, the line was disconnected. I tried to call again, but no luck. I’ll send her a text message with the information.

Explanation: The term disconnected is often used for telephone connections. It can also be used to refer to computer cables or electrical cords. We can say “The cable became disconnected,” or “the wires got disconnected in the thunderstorm.”



Emma: If I have surgery for breast cancer, will the surgeons remove the entire breast?

Dr. Huang: In your case, the surgeons will only perform a lumpectomy. That’s a more simple procedure which will remove only the lump of cancerous tissue, and a small portion of tissue around it. It won’t be necessary to remove the entire breast. It can be done on an outpatient basis, and you will recover quickly.

Explanation: A lumpectomy is the surgical removal of a cancerous or potentially cancerous lump of tissue. It is often used in the field of breast cancer surgery. It is a safer and less invasive form of surgery. More radical surgery where the entire breast is removed is called a mastectomy.



Hi Ryan:
I looked at the website that you recommended, but to be honest, I think it was just a lot of celebrity gossip, pet videos, and useless clickbait. Most of the stories didn’t have any importance at all.

Explanation: The word clickbait means an internet link or story that has a very exciting title, but isn’t really very interesting or important. When a person says that an article or link is “clickbait” they mean that it is a waste of time.