[238] Okinawa airport arrivals skyrocket


Okinawa airport arrivals skyrocket Air traffic from various regional cities to Okinawa has jumped drastically in the past years. In 2016 almost 20,000,000 visitors passed through Okinawa’s main airport of Naha, a 30% increase over ten years. In 2016 Korean Air started regular flights from Seoul’s Incheon Airport to Naha. Low cost carrier Solaseed has seen its passenger traffic through Okinawa double from 2015 to 2016. By the year 2020 a second runway is expected to be added to Naha’s Airport to accommodate the growing number of flights. Tourism experts noted that the Okinawan islands are less than 700 kilometers from Taiwan, and only 1,250 kilometers from Seoul.


Which are the most unhealthy jobs? Research in the U.S. has found that several healthcare jobs have the highest risk of exposure to infections, chemicals and radiation. While jobs such as police work, race car driving, and fire fighting have a high risk of death, several healthcare jobs had the highest risk of workplace health damage from illness and exposure to hazardous materials.
Dental hygienists had the most unhealthy jobs because they are exposed to disease, radiation, chemicals, and also have to sit in uncomfortable positions which can cause spinal strain. The second most unhealthy job was general dentist. The third most unhealthy was veterinary assistant, which puts the worker at high risk of infections, contaminants, and cuts/bites to the skin.

dental hygienist: 歯科衛生士
spinal strain/stress/pain: 背骨の痛みなど
veterinary (medicine): 獣医学


textbook case

SampleElizabeth: I went to get new eyeglasses, and the optometrist said that I should go to see an eye doctor. Can you tell me what’s wrong?

Doctor Yong: Yes, I’ve examined your left eye, and you have a textbook case of a cataract. But don’t worry, ophthalmologists see cases like this every day. We can correct the problem with simple surgery.

Explanation: The term “textbook case” means that a patient’s illness is very typical and standard, like in the basic medical textbook. We sometimes call it a “classic case.”

optometrist: 検眼行
cataract: 白内障
opthalmologist: 眼科医
textbook case / classic case: 典型例


water resistant / waterproof

Hello Thomas:
We have offered our client an electronic sign board that is water resistant, but the client wants a product that is 100% waterproof. Can you check on which signboard is completely waterproof and get back to me by tomorrow?

Explanation: The phrase “water resistant” means that an object can function even if some rain or spilled liquid falls on it. The term “waterproof” means that an object can be completely covered in water without any damage.

water resistant: 耐水性
waterproof: 防水性